Not Your Normal Engineering Design Firm

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
– Albert Einstein

Area 51 Machine Design is a group of experienced professionals who share a passion for creating superior machines.  We offer services and custom products to owners and operators of industrial machinery in the oil patch and in the rapidly growing manufacturing sector of western Canada.  Area 51 provides cost-effective high quality redesign of troublesome machinery and also new and innovative machinery where needed.  A unique component of Area 51's work philosophy is that the designers and engineers working on a particular project are also responsible for prototyping, machining and assembling the working prototypes. This crossover allows seamless integration between the shop floor and the design floor. Designers who have hands-on working familiarity with the components skillfully create machinery that is reliable as well as easy to manufacture, assemble, and operate. 

If you have a challenge and a deadline, call us.
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