Not Your Normal Engineering Design Firm

Heavy Duty Equipment

  • Full development of custom components and machinery.
  • Gear and transmission design for mobile and stationary applications.
  • High efficiency, high performance closed loop hydraulic system design.
  • Use of advanced computer aided engineering (CAE) technologies. See full capabilities here
  • Electromechanical design of Switched Reluctance (SR) and Permanent Magnet (PM) motors
  • Design of energy capture (regenerative) systems for hydraulic and/or electrical application.
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Intellectual Property (IP) security – full vertical integration of services from concept development to manufacturing
  • Emphasis on modular design when appropriate
  • Design for mobile and harsh environments
Case Studies
  • Compact high torque capacity mobile gearbox
  • Equipment for screw pile installations
  • High performance mobile hydraulic manifolds