Concept Development

Not Your Normal Engineering Design Firm

Concept Development
Area 51 Machine Design takes your ideas from a napkin sketch and creates concept designs (sketch, 3D models, etc.) for reviews, meetings and marketing. We can then move forward with advanced engineering, prototyping and testing from here.
Modeling & Drafting

Area 51 works with a variety of direct and parametric modelling software packages including Solidworks, Creo, Inventor, and Spaceclaim. 3D models are critical for rapid design and development of machinery and components.

A unique component of Area 51's work philosophy is that the designers and engineers that work on a particular project are also responsible for prototyping, machining, and assembling the working prototypes. This cross over allows for seamless integration between the shop floor and the design floor. Designers which have a hands on working familiarity with the components are able to create machinery and components which are easy to manufacture, assemble, and operate.