Gear & Transmission Design

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Gear & Transmission Design
If you encounter a challenging custom gearing application, especially if you require a reliable drive and quick turnaround, Area 51 Machine Design can deliver exactly what you need.  We have experience with all configurations and power ratings.  In our 18 years of gear design we have had 16 different transmissions go into production and service for our clients and their customers, ranging in capacity from a little 250 ft·lbf two speed Epicyclic, up to a 300,000 ft·lbf bi-coupled epicyclic 25:1 reduction drive.

The following gear styles have been designed and are in service:
  • Spur, simple and compound
  • Helical
  • Balanced helical compound
  • Herringbone
  • Epicyclic (planetary), simple and compound (epicyclic drives are our specialty)
  • Custom gearbox design
  • Gearbox upgrades
  • Pump drives