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The engineers at Area 51 Machine Design have one focus:  to make the world a better place through the design and creation of innovative, efficient, reliable, durable equipment for well-established as well as up and coming businesses. We’re at our best when clients present us with complex problems that spark our enthusiasm and set our imaginations into motion.

Our inspiration comes from previous hands-on experience coupled with in-depth knowledge of, and specialization in, many aspects of engineering, design, and manufacturing.

At Area 51 Machine Design all egos are left at the door. Every challenge with which we are presented is unique. Our teamwork approach ensures that a full spectrum of innovative ideas are incorporated into everything we design. Our goal is always to create systems that operate repetitively in the harshest environments with as little maintenance as possible. We take great pride in enabling our clients to improve their productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

We have a track record in the creation of disruptive technologies. The machines we design and create aren’t just machines; they’re game-changers that propel our clients to the top of their fields. 

To us engineering isn’t just a career; it’s a lifestyle. If you’re an engineer who prefers to think of your job not as “work”, but as an opportunity to express your creative abilities in a hands-on environment, please consider a career with Area 51 Machine Design. 

Tell us about yourself. Tell us your strengths and also where you would like to improve and grow. We’re excited to hear what you can add to our team! 

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We are currently seeking great potential to fill the following positions:

  • Mechanical Engineer in Training
  • New Mechanical Engineering Graduate
  • Apprentice Machinist