Not Your Normal Engineering Design Firm

Who We Are
Area 51 Machine Design was incorporated in March 2004 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have proudly been servicing local and international clients since then.

Code of Ethics
The reputation established by Area 51 Machine Design is the result of the honesty and integrity we consistently demonstrate in our business dealings. 

Vision Statement 
The vision of Area 51 Machine Design is to serve clients as a premier machine design establishment that employs highly trained, experienced engineers and machinists who are provided easy access to extensive research, development and testing facilities.

Mission Statement 
The goal of Area 51 Machine Design is provide our clients with consistent delivery of innovative, reliable, cost-effective solutions to their machine design problems. 

Area 51 Machine Design Corporate Value in Order of Importance: 

  • Safety
  • Service to our clients
  • Commitment to quality
  • Obligation to society
  • Respect for individual Area 51 Machine Design employees
Area 51 Machine Design is currently registered with ABSA (Alberta Boiler Safety Association). This ensures that our clients, receive products that are constructed to defined specifications and also ensures that any pressure
equipment (CRN) is safe and reliable.

We are also registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program (CGP). This allows us to work with restricted technologies used by the Canadian military or its allies. This includes adherence to USA and International Traffic in
Arms (ITAR) regulations.

Data Retention and Revision Control
In order to meet the above certification requirements, Area 51 Machine design employs an advanced Product Data Management/Product Lifecycle Management (PDM/PLM) system with redundant offsite backup. We use PTC
Windchill PDM for security and revision control.

Our offsite backups are held in a secure vault, allowing us to quickly recover data in the event of a catastrophic event.